Experience and Capabilities

WDG Ventures Inc., (WDGV) is a real estate development and consulting firm based in San Francisco. Since 1988, its Principals have lead a broad array of real estate projects, taking responsibility for the full range of development activities including:

  • Financial Structuring
  • Public Entitlements
  • Predevelopment Design Management
  • Construction Management
  • Marketing Leasing

The company's consulting practice – Portfolio Real Estate Consulting (PRC) is equipped to assist clients with all aspects of the development process. The consulting practice leverages more than 20 years of development expertise in order to optimize the value of its clients' real estate transactions. PRC's consulting capabilities include:

  • Land Use Strategy
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Development/Ownership Representation
  • Affordable Housing Development
  • Non-Profit Development

Focusing on commercial, office, mixed-use residential/hotel projects, WDGV has established a firm foothold in the Bay Area market. As an incumbent in this market, WDGV enjoys the benefit of having credibility, a winning portfolio, a proven track record, and a well-established network of partners.

WDGV's historic portfolio of completed properties and projects under development, construction and predevelopment represents more than 3.5 million square feet and is valued in excess of $500 million dollars.